Actress reveals she was set up by a friend to be raped

Actress reveals she was set up by a friend to be raped

Young actress, Bernice Abukari has revealed that she was set up by friends to be raped on her 18th birthday.

Speaking with DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa, Bernice narrated her story stating that she visited a female friend’s house where a mutual friend was also present.

“My friend and her boyfriend told me they were going to get something but they never came back till the next morning. Not knowing they had planned for the guy to have his way with me.

Just after they left, he locked the door. I struggled with him but I wasn’t strong enough and he raped me. Later I confronted my friend and she said she wasn’t aware I was a virgin,” Bernice recounted.

She added that she could not tell her parents about it, however, her mom found out and reported the case.

“I still could not testify for him to be jailed because I could not stand it even though I hated the guy. I didn’t want him to be in jail for that years,” she disclosed.

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