Physically Challenged Accountant Shares Story of How Employers Treat Him.

Physically Challenged Accountant Shares Story of How Employers Treat Him.

Alex Ocloo, a physically challenged accountant has expressed displeasure in how employers treat physically challenged people in Ghana.

He has an HND in Accounting but has never worked in the field. Alex indicated that most employers turned him down after meeting him.

”The few employers that call for interviews, later turn me down after meeting me. They don’t even give me the chance to prove myself even though I’m qualified for the job, ” Alex said.

According to Alex, he would like to start a business of his own since securing a job has become tough.

”For now, I would like to start a MOMO business and gradually establish other businesses as well. But I would need capital to do that and it has become a problem, ” the father of three added.

Alex’s condition is not due to an accident; he felt a headache at the age of three, lied down for a while and realised he could not stand anymore.

”I told my mom about the headache and she asked me to lie down. After a while, I could not stand at all,” he told DJ Nyaami on SVTV Africa.

Alex is pleading with Ghanaians for a job or help raise capital for his business.

”I can work anywhere that involves the use of the brain because I’m a quick learner. The strength may not be there but I can work where my knowledge is required, ” he implored.

Kindly watch the video below and contact SVTV Africa of you would love to help.

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