I Started Drugs At Class 6 – Girl Tells Her Story

I Started Drugs At Class 6 – Girl Tells Her Story

The mother of one, speaking to Dj Nyaami, on SVTV Africa, said, she started doing drugs at class 6.

‘’At class 6 I was very stubborn so I engaged in a lot of bad things and eventually I got pregnant at a very younger age; 16 years precisely’’. She said.

She added that, her child’s father is dead, the very man that introduced her to the ghetto life.

“I have one child but unfortunately the father is dead. He was the same person who influenced me into drugs and gradually I became addicted it’’ she narrated.

According to her, she started drugs as a weed smoker and later tried what they call tire; asserting that, drug makes her fit, however, each day she spends at least 20 cedis on ‘’tire’’ alone.

She however, revealed that, after the birth of her 14 year old child, she stopped it for two months, hence she believes she can stop.

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