Massive Crowd At Teshie Homowo Festival Amidst Covid 19

Massive Crowd At Teshie Homowo Festival Amidst Covid 19

Despite the ban on social gathering, hundred’s of Teshie inhabitants, last friday, 4th September, 2020, gathered to celebrate their section of the Homowo festival.

The Homowo, is a festival celebrated in the latter part of each year, by the Ga community.

However, because of the global pandemic which has made ban on social gatherings necessary; communities like Nungua, Jamestown among others couldn’t celebrate with much crowd as they will do in the previous ones.

Nevertheless, Teshie, a coastal community in the Ledzokuku Municipal District, in the Greater Accra Region of southeastern Ghana; celebrated its with much crowd.

On its streets were motor and bicycle display, mounted sound speakers, huge population; causing car traffic.

It was a beautiful occasion with more memorable events; however, the coming together of the huge population, with no covid 19 safety precautions, may have caused the carriers of the corona virus to infect others.

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