SVTV Africa Gets Support as Volunteers Donates in Cash and Kind To Drug Addicts And The Needy.

Volunteers upon watching SVTV Africa’s Ghetto Life and Everyday Hustle series, have donated in kind and cash to support helpless drug addicts and the needy.

Eric, a USA based Ghanaian, using DJ Nyaami as the third party, donated 500 cedis to Yaw Ayisi, the shoemaker who shared his sad story of making 10 cedis a day, to feed himself and his family.

According to Eric, he was touched by Ayisi’s story, and was left with no option than to send him something to support his family.

Yaw Ayisi upon receiving the money, through SVTV Africa’s youtube platform, thanked Mr. Eric for his kind gesture.

Adding that, he will take his personal address and write him an official appreciation letter.

Nonetheless, a man who for reasons best known to him didn’t disclose his identity, donated an undisclosed amount to Alexandra; the drug addict who in his interview, emphasized how cocaine kills.

Again, he has offered to take care of Alexandera’s feeding fee, among others until further notice.

In a video on SVTV Afrca, shows DJ Nyaame, buying some clothes for him to look gentle.

Alexandra, also thanked this volunteer for showing him love and kindness.

On this note, we ask the general public and everybody following SVTV Africa, to do just like Eric and Alexandera’s helper.

We believe with everybody’s hand in it, we can achieve a greater team goal; one that will improve humanity and the quality of life.

Watch videos below:

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