Police arrests 16 land-guards at Pantang including a destooled chief

Police arrests 16 land-guards at Pantang including a destooled chief

The Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) Team of the Ghana police have swooped and arrested 16 armed land guards including a destooled Chief of Osu, Nii Jata known in private life as Illa.

The armed land-guards have been terrorizing and attacking landowners at Pantang in Accra.

SWAT Team was notified about another operation being carried out by the group of landguards.

The SWAT Team which responded swiftly to the information it received, arrested all sixteen persons and took them to the Adenta Police Station.

Information gathered from police sources revealed that the suspects attempted to break cells hence the Adentan Police called for reinforcement and a highly armed security police unit force was dispatched to the station to transport the suspects to various police cells in Accra.

There have been a protracted land dispute over a portion of the Pantang Hospital land here in Accra.

Following the complaint, the Adenta Divisional Police arrested both the trespassers and officers of the Jeleel Company Limited who had gone to the land to resist the trespassers from further causing harm.

However, the recent intervention by the SWAT team came as a relief to the Nii Afutu Brempong Family and the Jeleel Company who have constantly pursued the police service to rid the area of land-guards in order to make way for peace.

Source: Modernghana.com

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